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About Us

Since we were founded in 2018, Our mission has been to help local businesses in the Lehigh Valley grow and expand their business through our knowledge of social media and internet services.  Founding partners Gabe Kozel and Brandon Rapose want to reach the community by increasing customers for local businesses using internet marketing.


Our Services

Social Media Management

While your business is working to keep your customers happy, we will be constantly managing all of your social media platforms ensuring you'll never lose contact with your audience. 


Facebook Ads

We specialize in Facebook Ads which will allow us to target and identify specific audiences and making sure your ad spend is used in the most effective and efficient manner.  Facebook is constantly changing and our job is to keep up to date, so you can focus on your job, offering outstanding service to your customers.

Website Optimization

Better websites mean a better return. Aesthetically please your visitors and ensure that their visit will grow your chances at finding new customers. We offer new and custom designs, mobile optimized websites, and email lists to keep you in contact with your visitors. 

Content Creation

Find the best way to reach out to your audience with original and creative content tailor made just for your business.  Whether you're promoting a giveaway or a coupon, get the most outreach with our content that is specifically made for you.


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